Women and Money: Where the Magic Begins (A Guest Post)

Money is energy that can strengthen your financial world and give you the power to move towards your heartfelt desire. (Guest Post)

The trifecta that’s keeping you trapped

Do you know this “trifecta” that leaves so many women feeling vaguely dissatisfied, resentful, and trapped in their seemingly “good-enough” life?

TOTALLY out of my comfort zone (sorry Mom)

Fight, Flight, Freeze, Flop.(And one F – the most important of all – that will propel us forward).

What Kind of LOVER Are You?

There is nothing more powerful in this Universe than Love. It has the power to heal hearts, relationships, communities, and in my humble opinion, the world.

She was SO Inappropriate

We have been conditioned to be appropriate, nice, helpful and pleasing. Which means brilliant, talented, creative women are afraid to use their voice.

Nice Girls Don’t…Plus Amazing Recipes

Nice girls don’t want too much, don’t ask for too much, aren’t too loud or too selfish or too big or too MUCH?

Bees Do It…What About YOU?

What if everything you want is actually not only POSSIBLE, but waiting for you to create it?

Meet My Husband (This One’s Personal)

My husband got it TOTALLy right this year for my birthday. He GOT it. But this isn’t about my husband, it’s not even about relationships. It’s about YOU.

We Call B.S. The Courage to Lead a Meaningful Life

Standing on the beach in front of our Costa Rica home staring at the ocean, sky and jungle-garden, I marvelled at how beautiful EVERYTHING was.

Celebrate For More Joy in Your Life (FB Live)

A key to creating more joy in your life is…celebration!!! Join me and learn why (and how) celebrating everything will actually bring you more joy!

Do You Have An Inner Glass Ceiling? (FB Live)

If you ever feel like you stop yourself or self-sabotage your own happiness, vitality, body, relationships, finances – anything – watch this video!

What To Do When No One Likes You (FB Live)

I share how I felt when no one “liked” a previous Facebook Live and help you work out what to do if the same happens to you.

Best friend, soul sister, or frenemy?

What’s possible when women connect in a different feminine-inspired way? Most importantly, how do YOU create these kinds of deep, authentic, mutually-supportive female friendships?

Do you ever feel jealous of other women?

As women, one of the issues that impacts SO many of us and interferes with our living a deeply-engaged and full life is the issue of envy and jealousy.

Stop confusing these two things

As I sit here eating hot turkey chilli and snuggling my dog Redmond, I got to thinking about the difference between self-care and comfort.

Is it time for you to let go of something?

It’s been a month of letting go for me. I was anticipating some down time with my kids away at camp, but my husband and I got busy selling our house.

Saying goodbye to a friend: This one’s personal

I’ve learned, that in order to TRULY move into something NEW, we must also be willing to let go of something…something old or outdated.

Pros and Cons of (Husband) Blaming

This is for you if you are, like me, a “husband-blamer” or NOT. It is for you if you ever blame others OR outside circumstances for your own “stuck-ness.”