HEY there beautiful...

(Can you relate to Annie?)

When Annie was a little girl her mother told her: ‘nice things happen to nice girls.’ 

As an adult, Annie felt a fierce need to make everything happen by HERSELF: her housing, her business, raising her daughter. EVERYTHING. She was a do-er. A fixer. Self-reliant.

You may have learned a similar story:  if you want something done, do it yourself; nice girls don’t want too much, don’t ask for too much, aren’t too loud or too selfish or too big or too MUCH.  

NICE GIRLS never make others uncomfortable. In fact, nice girls make OTHERS comfortable, often at their own expense.


Annie (and maybe you too?) hadn’t had any practice asking for support or learning how to RECEIVE support, because, well...(let's say it together): NICE GIRLS DON'T ASK FOR TOO MUCH. She scraped by, barely supporting herself and her daughter, doing everything short of gymnastics to be ENOUGH, to get approval from the people around her.

(You’re either too much or not enough, right??)

Fast forward to today: Annie values her work, she is charging the money she knows she's worth (you have to taste her food!), catering for a US Congressman (!), living in a home she loves (provided by her partner!)… and my favorite part?

She’s learned to “relax into the ability to receive.” 

If you're thinking: "HUH? What does THAT mean?" - watch our interview.

If you're thinking: "I have plenty of money. My husband provides everything." But you are still left running on a treadmill trying to please people, watch our interview.

If you're thinking: "OH, god, I SO get this. I am SUCH a giver - what the hell does RECEIVING even mean??" - watch our interview.

Bottom line?

Watch our interview from our FB Live Cooking class yesterday, where we dish about how Annie got her BRAVE on, while teaching you how to serve up delicious (and easy) Pumpkin Spice Overnight Oats, Coconut Drinking Chocolate (to. die. for. seriously.), Amazing Dates, and more.

The BIG shifts Annie experienced didn’t happen on their own, they happened because Annie starting knowing what she wanted, trusting her value, trading in her "nice" for "authentic," and ASKING. And as they say, when you ask, you shall receive.

Join us here for this 30 minute video.

As always, thank you SO much for being here, and for ALL that you do 😉 Big hugs to you,​​​​