It's Your One Wild & Precious Life...
How Do You Want To Live It?

Did you know you have a compass inside of you, designed to guide you toward a more passionate, purposeful, joyful, meaningful, juicy LIFE? Designed to steer you toward a life that feels like a big YES! to you!! A life that feels like one you might actually be jealous of it you saw it in someone else!

YES - You CAN have that life.


I've got some amazing interviews with inspiring women on topics ranging from body image, to sex, to relationships, to money (and more). It's all FREE and yours for the asking. Click the button below to find out more and join me in the Wine Cellar!


Over the past 22+ years, I’ve helped women create THAT life… by teaching them how to use their desires, instead of their fears and old stories, as their internal guidance system.

I’ve helped women like you do things like: re-discover their passions and channel them into careers or creative pursuits; leave relationships that suck, and transform and create relationships that are fulfilling and authentic; discover pleasure and connection and ease in their bodies; find their voice - and USE it to create change in the world; free themselves from their internal shackles so they can feel fully alive; make more money; get their business moving and shaking.

And a bunch of other stuff too!

The thing is, if you want something, you CAN have it. Once you learn how to steer your life according to your desires and once you learn how to navigate fear…that life is yours. And I’d LOVE to help you get there.

I’ve got some online programs, an in-person group intensive that rocks big-time, a one-day BRAVE experience, and Costa Rica Retreats…and I work with a small handful of people one-on-one.

Creating a life that feels amazing to YOU is not rocket science, but it’s also not a magic bullet quick fix either. It takes commitment (to yourself) and sometimes doing some stuff that scares the sh-t out of you.

But I can promise you: the results are worth it. YOU are worth it.


Hey there…I’m Karen, a former psychotherapist, a mentor, an Energy Editing™ Professional, an Art of Feminine Presence coach, mom and an entrepreneur.

I'm also a wildly passionate advocate for helping women become their truest selves + live their most fulfilling lives.

I was told by an astrologist that I wasn't a white-picket fence girl; and the truth is he was right!

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