It's been a month of letting go for me. I was anticipating some down time with my kids away at camp, but nooo. My husband & I got busy deciding to sell our house and clearing out over 15 years of C.R.A.P. (Who said storage rooms were good?!)

It's been intense and challenging and hard...and despite that, it's felt so very good.

(Side benefit: releasing old physical "stuff" helped us let go of old emotional "baggage," opening up new possibilities in our relationship).

We also had to say good-bye to our newly adopted dog (so painful). After a ton of money & time trying to train her, Lola continued to attack our older dog. We found her a good home where they will be able to manage her "issues" much better than we can. Boy, that was hard.

The more I held on to my denial (& guilt and resistance) around knowing it was necessary, the more deeply stressful it became for everyone.

And finally, I've also let go of old ways of seeing clients. While ultimately this means more effective guidance for clients and more freedom for me, it also entails saying good-bye to some of my most beloved clients.

Letting go of something (even something you don't want anymore) can be hard + scary.

But if we don't let go when it's time? It isn't pretty.

letting go of something

We spin ourselves deeper into pain or struggle in order to avoid the fear of letting go OR we get louder & louder messages from our psyche or the Universe, often in the form of unwanted experiences or symptoms (a Jekyll & Hyde dog; a painful betrayal; a job loss; a law suit; a financial, emotional, physical or relational crisis).

When we finally honor the "knowing" that it's time to release something old to make room for something new, it's a powerful step, opening up space for greater possibility & freedom in our lives.

Here are some real-life examples I've seen in my clients recently:

  • Letting go of a loving, but unhealthy relationship = no more anxiety, insomnia or insane stomach aches
  • Letting go of a corporate-type job opened up the space for a developing passion to turn into a purpose-filled business venture
  • Letting go of needing to please a critical & controlling partner = more time spent with new friends, new projects, and activities she loves (+ releasing extra weight as a side benefit)
  • Letting go of the fantasy of being rescued by someone else financially ushered in a commitment to "save" and rescue herself by kicking butt in her business (serious empowerment + increase in income)

I could go on & on.

Every single woman I work with knows (whether she's ready to admit it or not) that there is something she needs to let go of in order to have what she wants in her life: an old belief that no longer serves her; a pattern of relating that is hurtful; a job that is held onto out of fear; a fantasy of being rescued or saved; a way of behaving that is self-sabotaging...something.

What do I need to let go of in order to step into the woman I want to be?


So today, if you are stuck in ANY area of your life, I invite you to ask yourself this powerful question:

What do I need to let go of in order to step into the woman I want to be?

It takes serious courage, but I promise, the results are nothing short of life-changing.