I have drafted this post probably 45 times and started 5 videos, but somehow couldn't get myself to finish and hit "publish" until today.

Why? Well in this video, I explain my own challenges with holding feelings of anger + sadness, and how I allowed that overwhelm to interfere with my joy.

(By the way: I define JOY in a much broader way than happiness. My definition of JOY consists of authentic connection, aligning your purpose & your values, creating meaning, using your voice to express your truth, feeling gratitude, and being of service to something/someone outside of yourself).

If you've been feeling the angst of recent months, or ever let difficult feelings keep you from your JOY, your vitality, your LIFE, then make sure to watch the video. I know, it's a little long (no editing) but I hope you'll watch it and share your thoughts with me. (I think the most important tidbit is at the 7 minute mark).

I know it may feel counterintuitive to even consider joy when the shit is hitting the fan, but I believe it's imperative - now more than ever. What stops your JOY? And how do you reclaim it?