I recently spent amazing quality time with one of my best friends in Denmark (you can meet her in the video below) and with my sweet family in Amsterdam & Denmark.

I also signed up for a training that felt like a huge "yes" to me right away even though it makes absolutely no sense on a practical level & even kind of scares the hell out of me (but I continue to practice the fine art of saying "yes" to the "yes's" of my heart + soul).

The themes of the summer were connection, courage, & turning desire into action (yeah, that's where courage comes in).

Watch the video below to join my dear sweet amazing friend, Sille Johnson, and me for a totally honest, completely imperfect, 100% unscripted & unedited (gulp!) chat about how we have used husband-blaming & how we are trying to (imperfectly) move through it in our own life journeys.

This is for you whether you are, like me, a "husband-blamer" or NOT. It is for you if you ever blame others (parents, husband, other women, your boss) OR outside circumstances (the weather, the economy, mercury in retrograde - whatever!) for your own "stuck-ness."

The thing about BLAME is that it feels soooooo good in the moment. There's a self-righteousness to it! It releases us of responsibility when things go awry and it's a powerful way for us to discharge hard feelings, including disappointment, anger, & fear.

But on the flip side, BLAME actually keeps us stuck. It keeps us in the "victim" position in our lives, unable to take the necessary action to move through fear and into what we desire.

BLAME, in fact, is one hell of a desire-killer (I'll be sharing about the others in the future).

If you want to live a desire-based life instead of a fear-based life (hello self-sabotage & stuckness!), then you are going to want to explore your relationship with blame.


Thank you SO much for being part of this community! I've got some juicy & powerful trainings + workshops + opportunities coming up that are all designed to help you move through fear & self-sabotage & people-pleasing, and live YOUR desire-based, authentic life. I am so happy to be connecting with you.