I'm writing this from the plane, traveling to California with my 17-year old son, to do some college visits.

(But don't tell him: my real intention for this 12-day excursion is to have some quality 1:1 time - sans parties, friends, and maybe even too much I-phone. Fingers crossed.

Have you seen the movie, The Post? We just watched it on the plane (gotta love Virgin Airlines). Such a critical message for our times AND a hugely meaningful message for women in particular.

Kathryn Graham was conditioned to be "appropriate" and, dare I say, "obedient"... to follow the rules and let the men run the show.

Until she found herself at the helm of The Washington Post with some serious decisions to make. Would she be "obedient" or would she break the "rules" to do the thing that she knew, in her heart, needed to be done?

She chose to be BRAVE. (And yes, this has everything to do with you - keep reading)



Women the world over, for generations, have been conditioned to be appropriate, good, nice, helpful, pleasing, careful...lest, god-forbid, they are considered demanding, too much, not enough, selfish, bitchy and a whole host of other things.

The result?

Brilliant, talented, gifted, creative women...afraid to use their voice, speak their truths, show up, share their gifts - openly, fully, generously.

Women who seem to have it all, but inside, are anxious, depressed, angry, resentful, scared, and stuck. 

Generations of women who have lost access to their INTERNAL compass and, as a result, their feelings of confidence, clarity, purpose.

Kathryn Graham risked going to prison so that she could speak up for what she knew was true. She KNEW, that if she acted out of FEAR, rather than the TRUTH of her inner compass, she might avoid jail & protect her "fortune," but she certainly wouldn't be FREE.

When we refuse to use our voice because we are afraid of what others might think, we are not free.

When we hold back our passions and our true purpose, because we don't want to be judged, we are not free.

When we choose to follow someone else's prescribed path of "should" for ourselves, rather than the one that is in our heart, we are not free.

When we choose to follow FEAR rather than DESIRE, we are not FREE.


It's time for a new paradigm.

It's time, friends. It's time to be a little less appropriate.

No one else can grant you your freedom if you keep your self under lock and key. If you hold back your true desires; if you refuse to claim the experiences that would bring you joy and meaning; if you quiet your voice because you don't want to rock the boat.

It's time to take off those self-imposed shackles and show up for our lives.

YES, hell yes, it takes courage.

And YES, it takes practice.

YES, too, it takes support (I've got you covered on that one, if you let me).

But want to know what it takes FIRST?


Your willingness to say YES. 

Yes to your joy. Yes to your peace of mind. Yes to your desires. Yes to your voice.  Yes to a life that turns you on and ripples out to all those around you.

I've COMMITTED (like 1000% committed) to helping you move into a life that HONORS your freedom, your inner compass, your happiness, your purpose. And it would TRULY be my honor and privilege to take you by the hand & show you the keys to your freedom.

When we choose to follow FEAR rather than DESIRE, we are not FREE.