JANUARY 24, 25, 26

Welcome to the Share The Love Challenge page! We are SO happy that you are here!

This page is designed to help you easily access any resources  you’ll need to refer people to the BRAVE Workshop and win PRIZES for doing so! 

We envision sharing BRAVE as a triple-win: A win for your friends, because they get to be introduced to an awesome community of like-minded women + transformational tools; a win for you because a) it feels good to share and b) you have a chance to win prizes!; and c) a win for me - I get to meet women who I may be able to serve through my work.

THANK YOU for PLAYING and for adding to a world in which we ALL can win.

Big hugs,
Karen and Marva (Queen Ambassador)

The BRAVE Event Info Page To Share With Your Friends:

The COUPON CODE for $35 OFF to share with all of your friends: FRIEND35OFF

If you plan on coming to the event, please use this same coupon code to receive $35 OFF:  FRIEND35OFF.

(Please Note: If you are volunteering, you attend for FREE. Please let me know if you would like to volunteer. We are looking for about 3-5 more volunteers).


If you are BRAVE 5.0 participant, you received 2 complimentary BONUS tickets when you signed up for the BRAVE IMMERSION! (YAY)

Please use this link to sign up using your complimentary ticket:

You may share this link with one friend! 

{Please note: You will each be asked to put down a deposit to hold your spot. You will both get your deposit back when you arrive at the event on Friday}. (Please note: All participants MUST show up on Friday to receive the deposit back).

(Unfortunately, I can not refund the deposit if you or your friend don’t come, but it is transferrable to someone else).

Got additional friends? (Of course you do!!)
Please use the regular link (above) and coupon code FRIEND35OFF for a discount off the regular ticket. 


On Facebook?

Join the pre-BRAVE Workshop conversation! Help newbies feel included and welcomed!

Here’s the link:


Simply put: You invite your friends to come to BRAVE, they show up, and you win prizes!

Begin by making a list of all the women you can think of who would LOVE BRAVE (or maybe would kinda be scared of it, but would ultimately love it ;).

Also think about women’s groups or gatherings you’re a part of, whether online or in person.

Also consider what you've gotten from BRAVE - where were you when you started? What's changed as a result? Why would you recommend it?

Then, you pick up the phone, meet for coffee, send an email, or post something and SHARE about BRAVE.

The more people who sign up as your referrals, the more opportunities YOU have to win 🙂

Below we explain what prizes you can win + how to invite your people + specific Rules of the game!


There are 3 MAIN Prizes + Several "Other" Prizes!

The Main Prizes Are:

1st place: The person who brings the most friends wins a choice of either:
A full luxury spa + lunch + coaching day with me - we’ll luxuriate from head to toe, eat nourishing food, all while creating plans, editing the shit out of your energy, creating magic and helping you move the needle on the next big thing you want to create (Value: About $4000) OR 7 nights at Villas Serenidad in Costa Rica for 2 + 1/2 day of coaching with me 🙂 (Value About $2600)

To be eligible for first prize, you must have 8 friends who register (and show up) to the workshop!)

2nd Place: The person who refers the 2nd highest number of guests wins 6 Nights for 2 in Costa Rica at Villas Serenidad (Value: About $1100) OR 4.5 hours of private coaching with me (Value: About $2000)

(PLEASE NOTE: In order to be eligible for 2nd prize, you must have at least 6 friends register, and show up, for the workshop)

3rd Place: This is a raffle, open to anyone who brings 2 or more friends!: Roundtrip Southwest Airlines Ticket Voucher, valid for flights in the US!

Other Prizes Include:

The BRAVE Babe Prize: This prize goes to the FIRST person to get 8 friends signed up (they have to show up the day of the event)! You will win a $1000 gift certificate to the luxurious Salamander Resort and Spa in Middleburg, Virginia.

Weekly Prizes: yes! I will be posting weekly challenges, which offer an opportunity to win weekly prizes in addition to overall prizes, which may include things like: pedicures, massages, a session with Erinlynne, gift certificates, a session with me, retreat discounts, a Tarot Card reading with moi, etc etc etc. FUN, right?! Watch out for emails and whatsapp posts with Weekly Share-The-Love Challenges!


  1. Your friends must show up for all 3 days for them to "count" toward your prizes. (Exception: If they sign up for the BRAVE Immersion without being there all 3 days:)
  2. Please do not buy tickets for your friends. They should register themselves so they have skin in the game - otherwise they are less motivated to show up 🙂
  3. You MAY post anything you’d like in Social Media or online groups you are part of AND let them know that you have a special code for them to use, but please do not post the FRIEND35OFF coupon code or the complimentary link anywhere public! (This is important because I am not offering that discount in my regular posts and emails)
  4. In order to win your prizes, your friends must show up for all 3 days.
  5. Your friend must be someone who hasn’t participated in Karen's programs previously, including online programs and retreats. (If they came to Karen's event last year but have not participated in other programs, you MAY count them if they come again this year).


An ideal participant is someone like…YOU. I love the women who join my groups and step up to say YES to participate in challenges, so yes…more people just like you!

Many of my clients have done some degree of inner work - whether that’s through therapy, meditation, coaching, journaling, or self-help books by the dozen. She is committed to her personal growth path and wants much more. If she hasn’t done the work yet, she is ready to do it and has some natural ability for insight and introspection. She is willing to do the work and take action to step outside of her comfort zone.

She has a bigger vision for herself and wants to make something significant happen in her life (even if she doesn’t know what that THING is yet). She is DONE with being stuck, whether that's in an unhappy career, relationship or family dynamic; or perhaps she has a dream for a business or to write a book, but she keeps hitting a wall of resistance or self-sabotage. She may be someone who has tried to live a “perfect life” according to others’ standards, but finds herself unfulfilled, wanting more meaning, joy and purpose.

Many of my clients are “people pleasers” and don’t want to rock the boat; .she may define herself as “overwhelmed” frequently - she juggles a lot and tends to worry about - and feel responsible for - others.

Her age doesn’t matter, but her maturity does.

She is willing to invest in herself - her health, her life, her wellbeing.

She is not actively dealing with trauma (unless she’s also in therapy with someone else for that trauma).

This is NOT for:

  • complainers, whiners
  • wedded to victim
  • someone with zero boundaries
  • someone looking for a quick fix
  • someone waiting to be saved
  • someone who has had significant trauma and hasn't done any therapeutic work yet

As you know, this is not therapy, so if someone is actively depressed and not in any other kind of treatment, this also is likely not the program for them. (If they have low-grade depression due to feeling purpose-less, meaningless, and stress, that is FINE for BRAVE).


There are several ways to invite people: on-line, by email, by phone, or in-person.

According to Marva, who is Queen Ambassador, in person is always best. Here are a few options to choose from along with some word-for-word ideas 🙂 :

In-Person, written by Marva:

You: Greet your friend as you always would. Get caught up.

You: I want to invite you to an amazing workshop in January with my awesome coach, Karen.

Friend: What is the workshop about?

You: It was one of the best days I’ve ever experienced - and this time it's 3 full days, so I'm sure it's going to be even better!  It’s a time to see what’s possible. I went because I was feeling stuck. I’d been wanting to make some changes in my life because I wanted to feel more fulfilled in my work, my marriage, my relationships with family, friends, kids....

Friend: Hmmmm. Ok. What is this workshop?

You: It’s 3 days of activities and exercises to help you connect with and get some clarity about what you really want for your life. A time away from "regular life" to get energized and unstuck so you can begin to get what you want!

You: Karen is an incredible coach, therapist, and healer. She has helped me transform my life. I [describe what working with Karen has done for you.]

Friend: I don’t know [with healthy skepticism in their tone]. I don’t think I need this kind of help.

You: [Friend’s Name]. Trust me. We’ve talked about what’s working and what’s not working in our lives. We shared our hopes and dreams. Karen has been a game changer in my life [provide examples of what has changed in your life]. I think you’ll find this workshop to be eye-opening. It will spark something.

Friend: Things are fine.

You: Yes, things are fine. I lived in the “fine” zone for a long time. Fine is not fine! It’s okay to want extraordinary, incredible, amazing. Whatever you want and I know you want more than “fine.” This workshop will help you uncover how you get in your own way and help you tap into your intuition. It will move you forward!

Friend: Ok, I’ll look into it.

You: I’ll send you a link to read more plus a special friend coupon to take 35 dollars off.. It will be worth it! I promise!

Friend: Ok. Fine. J

You: Yay! [give a hug]. Watch out world!


Hey there!
How are you?

I am SO excited to introduce you to my Mentor/Coach…Karen Schachter! I think she has something that could really help you.
Karen works with women to help them take action on their dreams and desires and goals…and to move through fears, self-doubt and resistance.

Every year, she offers her signature BRAVE workshop, an incredibly powerful event full of women like us who are ready to become the women we’re meant to be. I attended last year and it was (Fill in with a word that describes how you feel about the BRAVE workshop: transformational? Amazing? The more specific you can be, the better).

I highly recommend you check it out (here’s the link:

If you decide to come, use the coupon code FRIEND35OFF when you check out for $35 off the price.

The BRAVE Workshop is for women who want to feel more connection + joy + passion + meaning in their lives (+feel better in their body + have juicier relationships + finally take that art class/write that book/quit that job and start that business.) Women who want these things, but are busy and tend to focus on the “urgent” stuff over the “important.”

This workshop helps you focus on the “important.” The things you’ve been putting off.

Here’s what I’ve learned from working with Karen: She’s a lot of fun but she’s serious in her support and commitment to her clients’ dreams and desires. She’s a former psychotherapist and while she’s got all that experience under her belt, she’s full of practical tools and ideas, plus she’s got a little bit of magic up her sleeve as well.

If you are curious about the workshop but have questions, please reach out! I’d love to chat with you.

I know you won’t be disappointed! I am SO excited to share this with you!

Your Name


My mentor/coach, Karen Schachter, is offering her signature BRAVE Workshop January 24, 25, and 26 in Washington, DC. I attended in the past and it changed my life in some big ways. I HIGHLY recommend you check it out.

It’s an opportunity to finally do THAT thing (or those things) you’ve been wanting to take action on YOUR desires, instead of talking about them and feeling frustrated that things don’t change (in your relationship, your career, your body, your life).

Karen is masterful at creating experiences where every woman feels like she gets support and clear guidance in a safe community. Check out the details here:

If you want to sign up, let me know - I have a special coupon code you can use as my friend!


My mentor/coach, Karen Schachter, is hosting her signature BRAVE Workshop on January 24, 25, and 26. You know that THING you’ve been wanting to do (book your trip, write your book, start your newsletter, tell the truth, make some real money in your biz...)? This is exactly the catalyst you need to actually DO it!

I participated in BRAVE here in DC, and it rocked my world. I think every woman can benefit from a dose of this magic + clear-cut action-based coaching.

Karen works with women to help them take action on their dreams and desires and goals…and to move through fears, self-doubt and resistance. She’s totally committed to each of her clients and I know you’ll find this workshop as life-changing as I did.

Here are the details: If it speaks to you, let me know - I have a special coupon code for $35 off that I can share with you!!


Thank You So Much For Making BRAVE Even Stronger!!